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First, let's review the steps that transpire when a subscriber joins. Then we'll help you get inside if there was a breakdown in the process anywhere.

(1) You clicked on my order form to join

(2) You are taken to the Clickbank order processing page where you enter your personal information and payment method. You clicked on the "I agree to the payment terms as stated above" box. You then clicked on the yellow "PAY NOW" button.

(3) You then saw our THANK YOU page. You should have printed out the info shown there including your order number. You then clicked on the green "Download or Access Digital Product" button.

(4) Immediately you were taken to my MAIN LEVEL REGISTRATION PAGE. In the yellow box it asked if you were an existing member. (NO, because you haven't registered a username and password yet.) It then asks new members (you) to register below where you enter a username and password (you make these up) and then clicked on SUBMIT REGISTRATION. (Make sure you save your username and password!)

(5) You were then automatically logged in to the member's area and you were inside.

(6) Hopefully you bookmarked the home page so you can return when you want and login again.

(7) If you lose the login page to the members area it is here.

(8) If you ever lose your password you can generate a new one on your login page.

If for any reason you fail to reach the registration page after paying, simply go to the welcome email from ClickBank Customer Service and there is a green button that says DOWNLOAD OR ACCESS DIGITAL PRODUCT. Click it and you will be redirected to your registration page to create your username and password.

If for any reason you need further help registering or login in just send me an email with the subject line saying simply SUPPORT and I will manually get you set up.

My email is mike.extreme.sp{at}

If you wish to contact me with a question about this product before buying make the subject line of your email say "PRODUCT QUESTION" so I can identify it and respond as quickly as possible. Use the email address shown above shown in red. I guarantee to respond within 24 hours, but often it will be less than one hour!

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