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My Info Product Earnings Club Provides Unique Training In How To Create A Reputation-Building Informational Product, In Any Niche, And Market It Successfully Online

Welcome Affiliates. Thanks For Stopping By!
This is one offer you'll be proud to promote to your list. My Info Product Earnings Club is a membership site. It's a $37 recurring membership site with a 75% commission. It's processed through Clickbank--so you know you'll get credited for sales and paid every time on time.

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My Contact Info
My goal is to do whatever I can to help you earn money with my product. Don't hesitate, not even for a moment, to hit me up if I can be of help in any way!

EMAIL: mike.extreme.sp@gmail.com

SKYPE: mcmillanmike

Notes Concerning The Promotion Of My Product
I have been in business for many years. The foundation of my businesses lies in treating my customers with dignity and respect--which they deserve. I expect my affiliates to do likewise. I expect my affiliates to conduct their business honorably and truthfully and to show respect for buyers and prospects. I also expect affiliates to follow advertising guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission which can be found here.

So Let's Take A Peek Inside
My members area is broken down into eight core modules. For each module there is an online tutorial, a downloadable lesson with an assignment and related videos. Altogether there are about 250 pages, in total, in the PDF lessons with about 260 screen shots. It's very thorough!

The core modules cover product creation, sales page development, sales funnels, the product launch, list building, recruiting affiliates, and advanced topics.

x Eight Core Modules

x Eight Online Training Tutorials

x Eight Downloadable PDF Lessons

x 26 Training Videos

x Numerous Topical, Supplemental Ebooks

x My Mobile Friendly Sales Page Template Pkg.

Mike McMillanMy content is not drip-fed. It is all available the instant new members join. But each week new topical materials are added to keep the retention rate high (earning you recurring commissions).

While even seasoned veterans could ratchet up their game a couple of notches with my material, no previous skill sets are required for beginners.

This is important. I want you to know that I wrote every single word of content myself; it's all original.

I haven't front-loaded my members area with fluffed up, out of date PLR material either. I would stress this fact when promoting my Info Product Earnings Club to your subscribers. I respect my members too much to do that to them.

sample pages

Above are sample pages from the three main types of training content: the online modules, the downloadable PDF files and the assignments. There are video tutorials for each topic as well.

sequencing blueprintAnd, since I have so much content inside, I put together my Master Sequencing Guide which gives them day by day objectives and an index of all topics.

This provides members with a benchmark with which to gauge their progress and help them keep on task as they complete the objectives.

Value Laden Supplemental Guides As Well

Mike McMillan

x My Concise Guide To Writing For Internet Marketers

x My Master Sequencing Guide

x A complete 80 page transcript of one of my live events

x My "mobile friendly" sales page template package

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Mike McMillan

Mike McMillan

Mike McMillan

Mike McMillan

Mike McMillan

Mike McMillan

Mike McMillan

Mike McMillan

Video Promotion Tools

Some of you likely create review videos for products and post to YouTube. Download This Zip File for a set of 15 slides you could build into your review video for my product if you wish. All are formatted in a 16x9 ratio (1280x720) so they will format into YouTube players without pillar boxes.

Mike McMillan

The following talking points could be used to help create content for blog posts, for text blurbs in emails or to create slides for product review videos.

• Mike has created nearly 100 info products in niches such as magic tricks, writing, education, Internet marketing, SEO, copywriting, personal development, email marketing, product development, and more. He has also created numerous membership sites and coaching programs.

• Mike has done a dozen Barnes & Noble book signings for print versions of some of his books.

• Mike has spoken at about 40 live events related to product development.

• He created an online course for teachers which was offered through over 1,800 colleges, community colleges and learning centers across the U.S.

• He has done dozens of radio and television author interviews related to self publishing including his ABC World News feature interview.

• His Info Product Earnings Club takes you through the entire process of creating and marketing a successful informational product.

• The “Club” contains eight online tutorials, eight downloadable instructional PDF files (over 240 pages with 262 screen shots), 23 videos and many supplemental downloads.

• Mike focuses on helping students create what he calls “Reputation Building Products”

• You’ll learn Mike’s secrets for getting big super affiliates to promote your product for you.

• His club details product development for both ebook and video type products, creating a high converting sales page, creating a sales funnel, growing a subscriber list, on-demand traffic, launch domination and more.

• Massive in-depth training through 8 online modules and 8 downloadable PDF files along with 23 training videos and many supplemental trainings. (269 pages with 282 screen shots)

• Mike includes his mobile friendly template which will generate a sales page for you guaranteed to be classified as mobile friendly using Google’s test tool.

• You also get a complete, word-for-word transcript of one of his live events with screen shots of every one of the PowerPoint slides he used.

• Also included is Mike’s Concise Guide To Writing For Internet Marketers.

• Mike also includes his Master Sequencing Guide so that you know exactly what you should be doing at all times in your project.

• But the big thing is Mike has a sincere interest in working with good people and helping them achieve their dreams through sharing their good ideas with the world!

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I Am Available For Interviews
If you have a blog related to Internet marketing I would consider doing a video or audio interview via Skype to use. Of course you can ask any questions you wish, but I'll provide you with some questions you might want to use. Just email me and tell me a bit about yourself and include a link to your blog so I can check it out.

I am also willing to do short, personalized video blurbs to you can use to incorporate into your review of my product and put on video posting sites.

I Look Forward To Working With You!
Okay, so thanks for coming by. I do appreciate your interest and again, if I can do anything at all to help you earn with my Info Product Earnings Club don't hesitate hitting me up by email. I will get back promptly!

EMAIL: mike.extreme.sp@gmail.com

SKYPE: mcmillanmike

Mike McMillan