Mike McMillan
Info Product Earnings Club

One year after I created my first info product I fired my boss. I walked out of my 8-5 job and kissed the rat race good bye. It was the best decision I ever made! Please note that my results are not typical consumer results and your results may vary.

From Mike McMillan

Hi, Mike here--and welcome!
I've created and successfully marketed over 80 info products in many niches. I have helped literally thousands of good people (yeah, really, that many) get their start in this business. I am very, very good at what I do! My informational products have included...

x ebook products

x video products

x combination type products

x sophisticated online courses

x many membership sites

x high-end coaching programs

x numerous live selling events

A Word Of Caution
I have been in the information publishing business for 15 years. I have built my business by earning the trust and respect of my clients and customers. I'll begin that process with you right now, right here. My program IS NOT some kind of "get rich quick overnight kind of thing". I don't represent it as such and I won't hype it to you in such a way.

My program is designed for serious people of substance who want to build a substantial, evergreen business through creating a digital info product to sell successfully online. If that sounds like you--you're in exactly the right place and I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!

girlWith My Help You Can Create Your Own Info Product Empire!
My coaching club is focused on helping good people, good people like you, develop an informational product IN ANY NICHE and market it successfully through their own site.

It could be an ebook, some videos or a combination type product (a product with both PDF files and videos) based upon your knowledge or experience.

And listen, don't get worried when I talk about "your own site" I show you how to set that up easily. We'll talk about that in a minute.

But I Go Well Beyond That...
Yes, my main focus is on helping you create and successfully market an info product of your own, in any niche. But I go on to show you how to leverage that product into much, much more profitable activities (such as membership sites and coaching programs) using even more advanced techniques.

You Must Understand The Basis Of My Business First
I have built my own business firmly rooted in one fundamental concept: to treat the people I work with, with dignity and respect and to be honest with them about what I offer. This model has served me very well.


Those things are all scams; they never work.

But what I offer you does work. It provides you with an opportunity to build a substantial, genuine, evergreen online business you can be proud of--but it does require some work on your part. If you're looking for a get rich scheme with no work this is not for you! I work with serious people of substance who are willing to learn from me and implement the techniques I teach.

Let Me Ask You A Question...
Does This Sound Like You?

x You're a creative person with some specialized knowledge you want to share through your product but you want to do it right--and you're just not sure how to proceed.

x Have you spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on worthless products promising to show you how to make money online?

x Do you sometimes feel like you're paralyzed by "information overload", not knowing which steps to take and in which order to create and sell your product?

x Have you wondered about the best and fastest way for bringing in powerful affiliates to promote your product?

x Have you worried about creating a product but having refund rates we so high you have customer complaints swamping you day and night?

x Do you know exactly, set-by-step, how to set up a powerful sales funnel to double, triple or even quadruple your potential sales?

x You know there are different kinds of product launches, but do you know which one is exactly right for you?

While the above uncertainties and frustrations can kill your business, THEY ARE NOT THE REAL PROBLEM! They are only symptoms of the actual underlying problem.

I'll Get To The Actual Underlying Problem In A Minute, But First...
Until you understand the real problem, you will be stuck in what I call "survival mode". That's not where you want to be!

girl headBeware, There Is A Really Scary Part To This Business...
The average person who tries to create an ebook or video type info product not only never makes a dime, they actually end up loosing many hundreds or even thousands of dollars along the way.

You Can't Afford To Get Stuck In "Survival Mode".
Most people who start out thinking they will create an info product and make millions don't actually start out in survival mode. They begin with a giddy feeling of enthusiasm, feeling sure they will become the next Internet marketing millionaire. But that feeling soon fades!

Before Long The Uncertainties Set In!
For most people who set out to create an info product and sell it online that giddy feeling gives way to uncertainty. They don't have a plan. They are overcome by information overload. Frustration sets in. Mental numbness, anxiety, and paralysis by analysis takes over. Eventually, they feel lost and give up on their project entirely. That's exactly what it's like to be trapped in survival mode!

That Is Not At All The Path I Envision For You!
Let's play ball in the big world, okay? I think you're a person of substance. I also think you are aware of the fact that there are tons of people out there making six and seven figures a year doing exactly what I describe here--creating and marketing info products online. Let's explore that possibility further.

How Much Longer Can You Afford To Spend Just In "Survival Mode"?

Don't Be "That Guy"!
Dreams are a good thing, but until you hitch your dreams to a proven plan and take action, your dreams will never be realized! Don't be that guy, the guy who dreams on and on but never takes action! The plan I provide you with is solid. The action you are required to take is not massive--and equally important, it's not overly difficult.

Get Out Of The Wrong Lane And Into The Fast Lane...
I see people every day, people who are working hard, furiously trying to complete their info product and make some sales. They remind me of a car driving down the road at 100 mph, but they will never reach their destination because they're driving in the wrong lane--going in the wrong direction!

This Pretty Much Sums It Up...
A good friend, Eric Louviere, once said when talking about creating products, "Stop chasing the pie in the sky and start selling those pies." I like that. And that's exactly what you need to do. You need to have a blueprint for action, follow that blueprint and start selling pies!

There Are Huge Benefits In Creating An Info Product Of Your Own

Aside from generating sales and cash for you, creating and launching an info product of your own is the very fastest free way to grow a subscriber list. You can then market to that list for an evergreen profit center. (I show you exactly how.) And your subscriber list will become your most important cash-crunching asset. But there's more too...

x You can generate spendable cash from the sale of your product.

x Your product can act as a calling card of very high octane. It is a way to introduce yourself to the world. It is a way to say, "I am a person of substance, I have some great ideas and here they are!"

x Whether you are a salesperson, a realtor, a teacher, or any kind of small business owner, a product of your own can establish authority for you in your main vocation.

x You can quickly grow a subscriber list and market affiliate products to that list so that you have an evergreen profit center.

x You can recruit powerful affiliates to promote your product for you.

x Once your friends, associates, and co-workers learn you have created your own product I can guarantee you will be the center of conversation at social events and gatherings.

x This is your chance to make a second income without taking a second job.

x You will learn how to join the inner circle of powerful players in your niche so that you can work together for your mutual benefit.

x You will learn how to turn your info product into a launching pad for much, much higher-end products and services.

My Own Info Products Have Opened Huge Doors For Me!

• I have done over a dozen Barnes & Noble book signings for some of my printed books.

• I have done over 20 author interviews on radio and television stations across the U.S. (Including my ABC World News feature interview).

• I have done product development presentations at nearly three dozen live events.

• I created an online course offered through over 2,200 colleges, universities and learning centers throughout the U.S.

• I've run ads for one of my info products on radio stations and cable tv superstations across the U.S.

• I have leveraged many of my info products into lucrative membership sites and high-end coaching programs.

• I have met and networked with many other highly successful product developers to our mutual advantage.


I Want You To Visualize The Very Best Possible Version Of Your Life...
A lot of people dream of more money, a lot more money. And while that would be good, it’s generally not enough to get people to where they really want to be.

rainbowYour Life Can Be Good At The End Of This Rainbow!
Wouldn’t your vision include building a reputation and having others think of you as being successful? Wouldn’t it include your being the topic of conversation wherever you go.

Wouldn’t it include meeting and interacting with other highly successful, interesting people? Wouldn’t you like a validation of your success by being asked to give talks at live events related to your area of expertise? So if you dream big, exactly what would your dream be?

Begin Living Your Dream, Begin Living The Very Best Possible Version Of Your Life You Can Imagine Today!
Whatever your dream of success is, I don’t just want you to achieve your dream, I want your real life to exceed the life of your dreams. Would that interest you? It should because it is very doable if you have a proven plan to follow. I am offering you such a plan right here, today!

Creating A Cash Crunching, Evergreen, Life Changing Info Product Of Your Own Is Not Beyond Your Grasp!

Mike McMillanNo Experience On Your Part Is Required
Most of my people have some online experience, but it is absolutely not required. I hold your hand and lead you step-by-step through the entire process. I'll be honest, some work is involved. This is not one of those "make a million dollars" just by pushing a few buttons" on your computer things. Those things are scams offered by con artists--you know that. My program, however, is doable, it's exciting and offers a genuine chance at success for you!

Know This: The Mega-Earners Are No Smarter Than You!
The ultra-successful people in this business are no smarter than you--really! In fact, some of them are genuine imbeciles. It doesn't sound fair that some of them are knocking down 100k+ per month (or more) and you're not, does it?

Then, Mike, How Do The Big Guys Make Such A Killing?
Great question! It's not a matter of I.Q. It's not a matter of education. I spent five years in college and I use absolutely nothing I learned there to run my business. I have friends knocking down close to seven figures a year who never graduated from high school. That's a fact!

There Are Really Only Two Ways To Make The Big Time!

Here Is The Worst Way...
I don't recommend this technique but it is the path most people take. You could spend 4-5 years online, researching, studying, taking notes and using trial and error to create a business based upon creating an info product and learning how to sell it.

It Doesn't Have To End This Way!
Over time it is an almost certainty you will experience frustrations and failures along the way. Eventually, you will most likely throw your hands up and surrender. You will come to believe it is almost impossible to make even a dime online. And that's too bad because you may have had a terrific product idea!

But Then There's The Other Way, The Winner's Way, And It's The Unique Way That I Teach


No Whiners Here!
I work with winners, not whiners. Rather than experiencing years of frustration and disappointment as I outlined above, the winners take action--but not any action, they take action based upon a proven formula.

So Here Is The Real Problem, The Underlying Problem Behind 95% Of The Failures In This Business!


The real problem, the problem that prevents everything else from falling into place, is that PEOPLE FAIL TO CREATE WHAT I CALL A "REPUTATION-BUILDING" PRODUCT. That's what we focus on first and it's the most important part of being successful in this business!

I Help You Overcome the Real Problem, Not Just The Symptoms Of That Problem!
If you follow my plan, if you create a "reputation-building" info product of your own--everything else will fall into place.

x affiliates will pour in to help you promote your product

x sales will flood your inbox and your buyers list will balloon providing you with an additional profit center

x your reputation will grow and you'll make many important connections

x delighted customers will send you testimonials which you can include on your sales page to further leverage your conversions and reputation

x you'll no longer be in survival mode, but in the saddle and riding tall

When You Get This, When You Get Exactly What I Teach In My Info Product Earnings Club... Your Real Life Can Exceed The Life Of Your Dreams!

Your life really can be different at the end of this rainbow!

Rather than getting up on Monday mornings and dreading going in to your job working for a dead-from-the-neck-up boss, imagine getting up with that giddy feeling of enthusiasm I mentioned earlier. Getting up with enthusiasm and a vigor to create and sell info products of your own!--

This Is Not Just A Dream!
This is exactly the feeling many of my friends and I have when we get up every morning. We have exchanged a life in survival mode into an exciting journey filled with satisfaction and fulfillment in ourselves and what we do.

While I Can't Make Guarantees...
No, of course I can't guarantee earnings. I don't know you, your motivation, your determination, your willingness to follow through on what you learn. But I can tell you that this business has provided a path for many to build a life that even exceeded the life of their dreams.

So Mike, Do You Really Think I Can Do This?

Of Course You Can, But First...
Look, the reasons people fail in this business are simple to correct. But before I show you the path, I need to know if you're a winner. I DEAL WITH WINNERS, NOT WHINERS so I need to know...

x Are you willing to do a bit of work? Nothing of value ever comes without work!

x Are you willing to think beyond the "I just want to make some quick cash mentality"? I want more for you than just that!

x Do you have a burning fire in your gut to create an evergreen business with your product that can earn month after month, year after year?

x Are you willing to think big? I hope so, because your info product can be a launching pad to much, much more profitable opportunities down the road!

x Most importantly, are you willing to conduct your business with the highest ethical standards? I demand this of myself and I expect it of you!

If you answered yes TO ALL OF THE ABOVE you can certainly succeed in this business. With a little guidance and a modicum of work you can build your own info product empire.

Looking Back, There Was One Day That Changed My Life

I was an inner city high school teacher for 14 years.
I loved working with the kids but there is a terrible amount of behind the scenes administrative stuff that drives on crazy. One year I wrote a smallish 40 page booklet and to my utter amazement it sold like crazy for $14.95. I wrote three more booklets later that year.

I Gave My Ultimatum...
I had a meeting at the end of the year with my building principal. I told him if they didn't get my class sizes down next fall I wouldn't be back. My words fell on deaf ears.

The Decision For Me Was Easy...
The next fall, two days before school was to start I looked at my class sizes. All were at or just below 40 students. But then, I checked the sales stats from my info products and I had made more money that day than I would make in the next two weeks teaching.

I Quit My Day Job, Shed The Shackles Of Survival Mode & Gave My Great Ideas Wings With Which To Fly!

Hmmm... I walked down to my building principal's office and told him I was quitting. He asked, "So Mike, when are you quitting?" (He didn't think I would.) I laid down my keys on his desk and said, "I just did." I walked out and never looked back!

x I now had full time to work on my exploding info product business!

x I now could work exactly when I wanted and wherever I wanted!

x I could attend ALL of my kids sporting events (even coach their summer baseball and softball) and spend lots of quality time with them at home. That's priceless!

x I could attend live events in my niche and meet powerful players, many of whom I did profitable joint ventures with down the road!

x Then I actually started speaking at live events in my niche in big venues: Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, etc.

I Understand Your Hopes & Desires Related To Your Product. I Promise To Treat You With Dignity And Respect And To Deliver My Very Best Advice To Help You Succeed!

I've earned the trust and respect of thousands of people who have been through one of my programs. I appreciate that and I don't take it for granted. I've worked hard for that. And my promise to you is that I'll treat you with dignity and respect. To me you're much more than a customer, you're a friend and I won't ever betray that friendship. That's my promise in earnest to you!

And--if you ever have any issue or question I will be as responsive as I can. Inside the member's area there is a posting board where you can ask any questions and I will respond--as I said, like a friend. Our relationship continues after you join. I want you to succeed!

Before I Share What I Can Do For You, Here Are Words From Some Of My Students

"I got into Mike's Info Product Earnings Club" a couple hours ago. I have taken a quick view but that is enough for me to tell you that this is a high quality course.

There is a lot of material in the members area and everything is completely organized. I already have my idea of the niche that I'll be working on.
My advice is that if you already have an idea for a product you would like to create don't hesitate to invest in Mike's course.
Whatever your niche, you'll find what you need to get from point A to point Z and create a successful info product business."
   Christian Amador


"Mike, you were wonderful in guiding me through the product creation and sales process. It was like having you not only as a coach but as a friend who really wanted me to succeed.

Anyone who enrolls in your coaching program will learn a lot more than what the coaching materials teach. You will be right there with them offering tips and tweaks to tailor the material to their specific needs."
   Glenda Sue Mariner
  Los Angeles CA


"As a registered member of Mike's Info Product Earnings Club, I wanted to say, this is one of the most straightforward and easy to implement strategies I've ever explored online.

The content is structured in a manner that assists students and aspiring product creators (like myself) to begin the building process with clarity and confidence.

Also, the information remains laser focused on the core priorities & principles every online business owner needs in the eight thorough assignments... walking you through step-by-step from writing your sales copy, to completing the sales funnel with the primary focus on building relationships, and beyond... to creating a solid online business presence.

I highly recommend this course and suggest only two things. Anyone who may be looking to expand their online business, and take it to the next level... definitely get into Mike's Club. It is hands down top notch!"
   Art Moran
  Orlando FL


"Since I have an intense interest in product creation, I've purchased several programs over the years.

I found Mike's Info Product Earnings Club to be the "cream of the crop" when it comes to creating an info product and an awesome value. I would encourage you to get in and follow Mike's program to the letter.

I'd also recommend his offer on personal one-on-one coaching. It's an amazing offer to work one-on-one with someone who is a trained teacher and a product creation legend who truly cares about his students!"
   Rich Beck
  Aurora CO


My Students Are A Cut Above The Rest, Really! And Today You Have The Opportunity To Join Them. I Hope You Do!
The trollers and the get-rich-quick crowd; they don't have any use for my program because they are not people of substance. They not only want a push-button, make-a-million-dollars system--they want someone to push the button for them!

Ten years down the road they will still be buying into the hype of every con man and third rate Internet grifter out there promising to make them rich overnight. They WILL NOT have changed their lives; They WILL NOT have anything to show for it.

But because you are here and have stayed with me for a bit, you have more grit and substance than those I mentioned above.

You are in line for a life-changing transformation here today. I am offering you a chance to grow, to live beyond your fingertips, to share your great ideas with the world.

My Info Product Earnings Club Is Your Direct Link To Success In This Business!

Consider This A Personal Invitation, An Invitation From Me To You...
I'm very good at what I do and I'm very good at teaching what I do. Today I'm inviting you to join with a dedicated group of like-minded go-getters who are working on creating their own info product empire as I speak. I have a place reserved for you and I hope to see you on the inside today!

When You Join, This Is What You'll Find Inside...
Most product vendors don't let you peek inside their products before you buy. And for good reason--you wouldn't buy if you saw how sparse the content was! But I'm proud of what I offer so let's take a look. Okay?

There are 8 main online lessons in the top nav bar. I take you through everything from the creation of your product up through its launch. But that's just the beginning. There is much, much more.  

sample pages

Below are the main modules listed. With each of the online modules there are also downloadable PDF files and training videos for most modules as well.

Module 1: Initial Considerations
Three Assignments
One On-Line Lesson
17 Page Downloadable Training PDF
(with 12 screenshots)
no videos

Module 2: Drafting Your Sales Copy
Five Assignments
One On-Line Lesson
21 Page Downloadable Training PDF
(with 9 screenshots)
no videos

Module 3: Capturing Leads
One Assignment
One On-Line Lesson
23Page Downloadable Training PDF
(with 21 screenshots)
3 supplemental videos

Module 4: Finishing Your Sales Page
One Assignment
One On-Line Lesson
30 Page Downloadable Training PDF
(with 59 screenshots)
5 supplemental videos

Module 5: Creating Your Product
Four Assignments
One On-Line Lesson
36 Page Downloadable Training PDF
(with 55 screenshots)
6 supplemental videos

Module 6: Pulling It All Together
One Assignment
One On-Line Lesson
26 Page Downloadable Training PDF
(with 11 screenshots)
6 supplemental videos

Module 7: On-Demand Traffic
One Assignment
One On-Line Lesson
43 Page Downloadable Training PDF
(with 45 screenshots)
no videos

Module 8: Launch Domination
One Assignment
One On-Line Lesson
67 Page Downloadable Training PDF
(with 70 screenshots)
3 supplemental videos

Here Is The Rundown On What You Will Be Getting...

• A main online lesson for each of the eight topics

• A download-able PDF module with in-depth training for each lesson (269 pages in all with 282 screen shots)

• A number of instructional videos on each topic (23 total)

• My personal rolodex showing all of the resources I use to run my own business

• Several supplemental single-topic ebooks to help you with specific tasks

• A word-for-word complete transcript of one of my live events with shots of all Powerpoint slide used and extensive annotations

• Access to a posting board where you can ask any questions--which I will address promptly

• Included is my mobile-friendly sales page template with the HTML template, ready to upload CSS files, and a thorough instruction booklet. This is guaranteed to produce an adaptive, mobile friendly sales page for you!

Here Are Samples From Inside
I want you to know what you're getting. Below is an example of each of the three types of tutorials: the online lessons, the download-able modules and the videos. Each comes at the topic from a slightly different perspective so you're sure to gain a complete understanding of the topics covered.

sample pages

Your Master Sequencing Blueprint
There is a ton of content within my site. I never want you to get lost or not know where you are going with things. To that end, I created my 20-page Master Sequencing Blueprint (below).

info product blueprint

NOTE: The graphic shown above for my Master Sequencing Blueprint is for visualization purposes only. This bonus product is digital—a down-loadable ebook not a bound printed book as shown in the illustration. Just wanted to make that clear.

This provides an index to each of the lessons as well as a step-by-step checklist for doing the assignments in each lesson. You will never get lost and you will remain focused on your goal.

A Complete Word-For-Word 60-Page PDF Digital Transcript
I have had transcribed, word-for-word, the entire transcript of my last live event (below). You get screen shots of each of the 60 Power Point slides I used and a complete transcription of the entire 90-minute talk I gave on product development. I also have helpful extra annotations in the right hand column of each page.

event transcript

And I Want You To Have This Too...
If you are involved in creating your own info product you want to make sure you come across professionally, giving the perception of someone who can write effectively. You are judged by the words you use and how you use them.

That's why I put together my Concise Guide To Writing For Internet Marketers. It will force you to become a better writer--guaranteed. And--I've added a special section at the end for video creators. It will help you create better video products as well.

writing guide

NOTE: The graphic shown above for my Concise Guide To Writing For Internet Marketers is for visualization purposes only. This bonus product is digital—a down-loadable ebook not a bound printed book as shown in the illustration. Just wanted to make that clear.

Your Mobile Friendly
Sales Page Template

Since 2015 Google has given preference (to searches on mobile devices) in its search results to what it deems "mobile-friendly" web pages. I'm sure you know that. My mobile friendly sales page template makes it easy to create a mobile friendly sales page for your product.

You get my template to generate a mobile friendly sales page, three CSS files, some supplemental pages and a 40-page down-loadable PDF instruction guide.

mobile friendly template

• No previous knowledge of HTML or CSS required

• Guaranteed to turn your sales copy into a mobile friendly HTML page

• Fully adaptive to make your page show well on smart phones, tablets or desktop computers

• Detailed instruction guide with dozens of screen shots explaining how to use

Just A Quick Reminder...
Yes--we are going to work on helping you create your reputation-building informational product and getting it online. But beyond that...

Just remember, when I created my very first info product I had no idea it would lead me into...

• creating more ebooks

• creating video products

• creating combination type products

• creating print versions of my ebooks and doing Barnes & Noble book signings

• doing dozens of radio author interviews

• doing TV author interviews, including my ABC World News feature interview

• doing dozens of live speaking events

• creating a $149 online product development course offered through over 2,200 colleges, community colleges, universities and training programs across the U.S.

I'm not saying you might want to do all of those things, or even any of them, but what I'm pointing out is that creating a single reputation-building info product can prove to be a little hinge capable of swinging open huge doors.

But for any of you who might have an interest in doing any of the things I mentioned--I give tips and details on exactly how I got started in each one of them. It's kind of interesting reading and something to keep in the back of your mind.

Questions You May Have

Mike, can you guarantee my earnings?
Obviously I cannot guarantee earnings. I don't know you; I don't know your degree of motivation, dedication and your willingness to implement the strategies I offer. And Note: This is not at all a get rich quick kind of scheme. This is about building a genuine online business and requires work on your part.

Will your techniques work for creating and marketing an info product in any niche?
Yes, I have had students finish products related to online dating, event planning, weddings, Internet marketing, teaching, religion, family relationships, writing, personal development, and many, many both common and not so common topics.

One final time, Mike, how is your training delivered?
Sure. My program is divided into the eight modules I mentioned earlier. Each has (1) an online training component, (2) a downloadable PDF file (269 PDF pages total with 282 screen shots) and (3) most modules also have a number of videos as well (23 total videos).There are a number of extras as well. Adobe Acrobat is required to open the PDF files.

Mike, how will I be able to access the training?
Once your payment is accepted you will be redirected to a page with your your order number and a green button link saying "Access or Download Digital Product". That link takes you to a registration page where you can create a username and password. You can then login to the members area from that page. It's easy. There is a Contact/Support link at the bottom of each of my pages (including this one)!

Is your training drip fed so I have to subscribe for a year to get it all?
Absolutely not! You can access everything immediately. However, I provide you with new content weekly to give you reasons to stay on board for a while.


You have absolutely nothing to worry about when joining my Info Product Earnings Club. I offer a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - no questions asked.

Billing Details
Your initial charge will be $37.00. You will then be billed $37.00 per month for the next 11 months. At the end of 12 months your membership will be automatically be cancelled and future billings will cease. However, you may unsubscribe at any time and stop future billings from occurring.

What You Should Do Now...

I Have Been As Open And Honest About What I Offer In My Info Product Earnings Club As I Possibly Can
I have told you exactly what you are getting. Beyond that, I have actually showed you samples of the materials inside. I want you to be able to make an intelligent decision about joining and I think I have given you the information to allow you to do that.

Click Below Now To Join With Me.
Upon joining you will be redirected to a page with login instructions. I await a favorable response and look forward to seeing you inside! And remember, my content is not drip fed over time. It's all available the minute you join.

Mike McMillan

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P.S. I have provided you with details on the features and benefits of my product so you can make an informed decision. I have showed you how your life will be better once you implement these materials. I'm asking you to make a choice today, right now. I look forward to working with you and hope to see you on the inside in just a minute or two!

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